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We design electronic devices for arcade games.

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This website is still in development. Some sections are not present or incomplete.

What is BlueDot?

We are a group of arcade game players that enjoy designing and making open-hardware/open-source arcade devices.

BlueDot’s currently has two members:

Where can I buy the devices?

You can buy our devices from our shop.

The shop website is currently not available. Please contact us if you are interested in buying our devices.

You can also buy our devices from these suppliers:

Buying our products is the best way to support us!

Can I make it myself?

Yes! You can build our devices yourself, modify them and use your own firmware.

But keep in mind that our devices are designed with manufacturability in mind and sometimes this means that DIY is not easy. For example, we use SMD components on our electronics boards which are not easy to hand solder.

Unfortunately we can’t provide you support if you decide to proceed this way but we are constantly improving the documentation of our projects hoping that it provides you with a good kick start.

We open-source our devices so you can repair them if they fail and let you customize them if you wish.

How can I support your projects?

The best way to support us is to buy our devices from our shop.

But every contribution is welcome! Feel free to contact us and visit our GitHub organization to access project designs and source codes.